Camp Educate 2013 - 3 day conference in LA


Contact: Katherine Welch (415) 786-7663, katherine@educateourstate.org

Cushon Bell (626) 755-1276, cushon@educateourstate.org

Website: www.EducateOurState.org

"Enough with Bake Sales" Parents Launch Third Camp Educate Event

LA Superintendent Dr. John Deasy and former State Sup. Delaine Eastin to speak at event

Los Angeles, CA – November 4, 2013 – Now that parents have sent their kids back to school,

Educate Our State is sending those same parents to camp. "Camp Educate" is a two-day,

statewide, hands-on training conference to teach parents and community members to

become strong advocates for public education on the local and state level. It is organized by

Educate Our State, a grassroots, parent-led volunteer advocacy organization with 50,000

supporters across California.

Held in Los Angeles, at the Renaissance LAX Hotel, November 8-10, Camp Educate will

include Saturday addresses from LAUSD Superintendent Dr. John Deasy and former State

Superintendent of Public Instruction Delaine Eastin. Dr. Michael Kirst, President of the

California Board of Education, stated "I am pleased that Educate Our State is empowering

parents to be successful participants and advocates in developing Local Control and

Accountability Plans that meet the unique needs of students in the varied school districts in

California. Parent engagement will be critical to the success of this process."

“Parents are realizing that they cannot "bake sale" their way out of school funding problems,

and that their voice will be critical as districts begin to implement the much more flexible new

funding formula” said Katherine Welch, Educate Our State Board Chair. “Camp Educate will

give parents the tools they need to make real, systemic change. These skills will be

invaluable as they return to their communities and begin the advocacy that is critical to the

success of this new parent engagement plan,” said Cushon Bell, Educate Our State Board


Dr. Deasy, in a previous address at an Educate Our State conference, spoke out about the

importance of parent advocacy saying, “The work that you are doing about insuring the

parent voice has an anchor in schools that is constitutional…don’t back away for a second.”

The New Organizing Institute (NOI) will be leading the training using the highly successfully

organizing techniques that were used by Caesar Chavez and the United Farm Workers, Dr.

Martin Luther King during the civil rights movement, and the Obama campaign.

California educates the largest number of children in the United States with fewer dollars per

student, resources and support than most other states in the nation.

Educate Our State was started four years ago by six moms frustrated with the state of

California public Education and has grown to over 50,000 supporters statewide.

Educate Our State is a grassroots, volunteer, parent-led organization, educating and uniting

Californians to advocate for systemic change that will provide all students with a high-quality

public education. Learn more at: www.EducateOurState.org

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