Council District 11 Candidate Holds Community Service Campaign Kickoff

With this clean up, L.A. City Council candidate Odysseus Bostick's campaign hopes to highlight not only sanitation issues in the city, but also what he calls a ¨huge deficit in creativity¨ on the part of those working in the city council office.

Odysseus Bostick, candidate for City Council in Los Angeles City Council's District 11 (which includes Pacific Palisades, Venice, Mar Vista, Marina del Rey and Brentwood), is kicking off his campaign with a community service day in Westchester/LAX neighborhoods on Saturday, Dec. 1 that is centered around a community clean up.

It runs from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. and begins at 8521 South Sepulveda Blvd. in the back parking lot of Grinders.

"Here in Westchester, our streets haven´t been cleaned with any regularity for as long as I can remember and the commonly used excuse about the budget is getting as stale as the trash piling up around us," Bostick said in a press release.

With this clean up, his campaign hopes to highlight not only sanitation issues in the city, but also what he calls a "huge deficit in creativity" on the part of those working in the city council office.

"Did you know that nearly every high school requires its students to complete community service hours each year to graduate?" Bostick asked. "Why hasn’t our council office created a program to proactively manage those hours yet in a way that both engages our future generations in the way our city works while utilizing those service hours to compensate for the budget cuts in city services?"

Bostick, a teacher and father of three, is running on a reform platform that begins with our city’s budget. 

“We have structural deficits in our city's pension system that are growing each year in a budget that is closed and secretive," he said. "Worse, our elected officials are more interested in creating unsustainable policies that curry favor with their political backers than they are in serving the community. I believe it's time to elect leaders who put people first and political interests last."

For more information on how to get involved in the clean-up, click here and visit the campaign website at http://www.bostick4la.com/westchester_cleanup to sign-up.

Odysseus Bostick November 30, 2012 at 08:34 PM
I am sorry to say that the rainy weather expected tomorrow will make it unsafe to go through with our community clean-up. Because we would be working along the major streets in our neighborhood, I think it's just too risky to go through with the event. We will reschedule. But, we will be out in the Grinder's parking lot to collect any SWEATERS, JACKETS, SOCKS, and CANNED FOOD you might wish to donate. All items collected will be added to the holiday clothing drive at Holy Nativity Church. And we will have coffee and donuts for all who want to stop by - even just to say hi. Best to you and thank you for helping to spread the word. The clean-up will happen, most likely in January.


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