Drivers Should Expect Delays at Admiralty Way

Crews will be working on the final phase of the construction project.

Drivers may experience delays on Friday as crews will grind and pave part of Admiralty Way.

The road between Via Regatta and Palawan Way will be reduced to one lane in each direction and driveway access will be affected into the Marina City Club. But one driveway will remain open at all times.

The Admiralty Way resurfacing project that started in early September is now in its last phase. The street needed to be repaved as a result of the roller-coaster-type ride that motorists experienced. Crews are also reconstructing sidewalks and the median.

Planners dug 28 inches from the road surface to ensure a solid foundation to prevent future road shifting after the repavement project is complete. They are using a modern asphalt and cement mixture to reduce costs, project time and environmental impact.

When the project is complete, storm water will be funneled to the curb on Admiralty Way and then to two catch basins located by Palawan Way and the library. The new sloping roadway will alleviate road damage and reduce hazardous driving conditions caused by storms.


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