Sage and Petunia are Looking for a New Home

Are you a cat lover and looking for a couple of highly affectionate felines? Sage and Petunia want to meet you.

There's nothing better than having a pet that reciprocates your love and affection. Such is the case with Sage and Petunia, a brother-sister duo that are as affectionate as they are inseparable from one another.

The two used to be indoor-outdoor cats until a new dog was introduced into the fold. They need a home where they can be the center of attention and don't have to be afraid of dogs chasing them.

Now the two can be found greeting their owners on the front step when they seek affection, which is usually a daily occurrence.

Sage is the most affectionate of the two. He loves rubbing and will often run up to you for some intense petting. Petunia is also pretty affectionate, though she can be a bit shy initially. Petting Sage for a few minutes will often force her to daintily prance over to you to get in on the action. The wait is well worth it. Her bunny-like fur is surprisingly soft for a cat that's been living outdoors.

If you're interested in adopting Sage and Petunia, please email jared.morgan@patch.com or call 310-463-1026.


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