Didn't Get Your Party Invite? Inside George Clooney's House—Here's What You're Missing

Check out the photos and read some trivia.

Did you miss your invitation to George Clooney's party in Studio City when President Obama is arriving? Or maybe you just didn't have $40,000 in spare change laying around for a ticket.

So you're not one of the lucky 150 going to the party Thursday night, but above is the video of Clooney's house, and the best photos of Clooney in his Fryman Canyon home that Patch can find.

See the detailed video of a tour of his house above, and some secrets about his house.

Also check out this video of the house, CLICK HERE.

Here are some trivia items about his house too.

* There are multiple bars throughout the house. 

* The house is 7,354-square-feet.

* Stevie Nicks used to live there during her Fleetwood Mac days.

* He has a mini theater and an authentic popcorn machine.

* The house abuts Fryman Canyon from Wilacre Park, one of the most hiked trails in Los Angeles.

* It is on 3.16 acres.

* The front of his refrigerator is glass.

* Clooney paid $2,827,500.

* Clooney bought the house in 1995, but lived in Studio City at a different address in the hills for year before that.

* It's not accessible to the street very easily because of a large gate out front, which prevents nosy neighbors and photographers.

* He and his famous friends play basketball there a lot. Will Obama shoot some hoops?

* He lives at the house with his girlfriend Stacey Keibler and rescue Cocker Spaniel dog Einstein.

* He used to have two potbellied pigs there, had a permit to have them, and they both lived long lives on the property.

* Says Clooney about his house: "A house is a place that you would live in, but a home is a place where your family and friends are a part of."

Click here for an aerial view of Clooney's house.

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