Westside Neighborhood School Unveils Massive Mural

The Edward Massey mural was taken down from a Culver City building that has been demolished.

The on Thursday revealed the giant Edward Massey mural that previously adorned the Culver Plaza Building in Culver City.

The is in the process of being demolished, and the artist, Edward Massey, approached the school hoping to secure a spot for his 7,000-square-foot mural. The 20-foot tall stretched canvases pieces, which Massey along with Huntington Park High School students painted with mops in 2004, has been installed on the facade of the Westside Neighborhood School’s administration and education building.

“We are honored to be the new custodians of this remarkable public artwork,” said Brad Zacuto, head of the school. “This [painting] will serve as a beacon of hope and creativity for our community.”

The mural, titled Syncopation, was taken down from the Culver City building in January and has been in storage until earlier this summer.

“Rarely is there a time for a mural to get a second chance,” Massey said. “We asked the school if they would be willing to take the painting, and my wife Dawn and I liked the philosophy of the school.”

The school uses an academic curriculum based on project-based learning that encourages students to be resilient, innovative, collaborated and independent thinkers, according to the school’s mission.  

“Ed Massey’s approach is very closely aligned with how we tach and learn at Westside Neighborhood School,” Zacuto said. “We value and appreciate the process as well as the beauty of this artwork.” 

The new configuration of Syncopation, distributed in 11 separate panels on the building, is about 20 percent smaller than the original in Culver City.


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