Construction Underway on AMC Dine-In Theatre

The cinema is slated to open in November.

Construction has begun on a restaurant-movie theater that is part of the $25 million Villa Marina Marketplace redevelopment in Marina del Rey.

AMC Theatres announced Tuesday that it has begun work on the AMC Marina 6. The building will be closed during renovations and is slated to reopen in November.

According to the release, "AMC Marina 6 will offer six Cinema Suites auditoriums, which combine restaurant cuisine and cocktails, the ultimate comfort of luxury recliners, and AMC's noted immersive theatre experience."

Read the full specs of the new cinema.

on the 34,318 square foot property in August 2011.

Westlawn neighbor June 12, 2012 at 12:07 AM
Just what I need: the clanking of bottles and glassware, the scraping of silverware -- while I am trying to hear the dialog of a movie. Not to mention, waiters and waitresses moving up and down the aisles with trays of food and drink. { or bus-boys clearing tables of dirty dishes.} "Oh, waiter -- more coffee please!!"
KC to SM October 24, 2012 at 04:40 AM
I've actually been to their flagship theater in Kansas City (many times) and it's not at all disruptive. To be honest, after going there, seeing a movie in any other way doesn't even begin to compare. There is TONS of leg room between the ends of the recliners and the servers crouch down so as not to walk in your line of sight and they speak very quietly. I don't remember once hearing the clanking of bottles, glassware, and silverware and I have been at least 15 times. Also, they don't just walk through whenever they want...once the movie starts they only come by when you push your button signaling them. There is a tray that you can swing in front of you when you need it and push aside when you don't, therefore there aren't busboys coming through clearing your tables...the servers do that once the movie ends. And finally, the food and drinks are VERY reasonably priced! Much more reasonably priced than the popcorn and candy you would normally purchase at the theaters. At the KC location tickets were $25 but with that you received a credit for $15 to use towards your food and drink which was more than enough for an entree and drink. I can't tell you how happy I was when I drove by the new location in the Marina!!! I will be there as soon as they open and I recommend you all go as well!
Paula Ayers November 22, 2012 at 05:12 PM
When do you open???


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