Gray Whales Slurp Up Krill Off South Bay Shore

Sailors on the 30-foot vessel "Pegasus" are treated to something the likes of which they've never seen this close up. Two gray whales give them great video footage.

Out on yet another adventure for their ecommerce website HookBuzz.com last Friday afternoon, Clark McNulty and fellow sailors got a rare shot to watch gray whales eating krill near the ocean surface.

About one mile off the Hermosa Beach coast and heading back to King Harbor Marina in Redondo Beach, their business film shoot turned into an encounter he'll always remember.

"We were headed back into the harbor, when we spotted a two gray whales," he told Manhattan Beach Patch. "Both seemed to be smaller in size, maybe 25 feet long. They were zeroed in on the line of krill that were on the surface. The whales were literally coming up, opening their mouths and slurping up the krill.

"I have never seen anything like it," said the seasoned diver, fisherman and sailor. "We watched them feed like this for about 35 minutes.

"At one point, one of the whales came right up to the boat and was face to face with one of the girls."

McNulty, who lives in Hermosa Beach, told Patch the whale "followed the boat for a minute, which was an awesome sight."

McNulty and his associates captured some of their encounter on video.


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