Local Chamber Offers Business Tips for New Year

What business owners should look out for in 2013.

The new year is fast approaching with the question looming how will businesses fare in 2013.

Christina Davis, president of the LAX Coastal Chamber of Commerce, said that the new year may bring some changes to the local business landscape, but there is reason to have hope.

“I think business will be done differently than it was before, but I think the news has been somewhat positive on the local front,” Davis said. “I think the days of people doing things without analyzing their return on their investments are over.”

For his part, Adam Goldberg, owner of Fresh Brothers on Admiralty Way, is very optimistic about next year.

“We’re very excited about our business,” Goldberg said of the family-owned company. “Each year has gotten better for us.”

The restaurant, which primarily serves pizza, salads and chicken wings, has grown from one location to eight in about four years, and Goldberg expects to see more growth in the new year.

“We believe that the economy is getting better,” Goldberg said. “More people are going out and purchasing dinner at our price point.”

While some businesses hope to expand, others may just be starting out. Davis said new business owners should focus on specific goals in the new year.

“Know who you’re trying to target,” Davis said. “Know your competition. Know what else is out there. As far as starting, have a plan. Learn what resources are free and otherwise. Commit yourself to it.”

All business owners should be aware there are now “smarter consumers” who are more resourceful, thanks to technology, according to Davis.

“They can look on a smartphone to find out if they’re getting the best deal,” Davis said.

However, there are ways business owners can get ahead. Davis said technology has become a “huge game changer” and stressed the importance of using social media.

“I think that a hot topic in the business world is social media,” Davis said. “Decide a social media plan carefully. Devise a strategy that will work for yourself and your staff and stick to it.”

The LAX Coastal Chamber of Commerce represents about 550 businesses, including those in Marina Del Rey, Playa Vista and Playa Del Rey, according to Davis.


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