Egret Nests in Marina To Be Protected

Project on Admiralty Way calls for removal of dozens of trees.

Seventy-eight trees along Admiralty Way will be removed but egret nests in those trees will be protected, the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors said on Tuesday.

The trees, mostly ficus, have damaged the road surface over the years and they will be replaced with 83 smaller trees native to California as well as lighting along the new medians.

Some residents were concerned about the egrets that nest in the existing trees, as unlike other species, they return to the same nest year after year.

The county will hire a biologist to examine nests in trees scheduled for removal, and if birds are found in nests, workers will either “wait out the bird” or preserve the tree, according to William Winter, deputy director of the Public Works Department.

The 78 trees in question are not in vital nesting areas, according to Marica Hansocm, executive director of Wetlands Defense Fund. Although she opposes other Marina del Rey plans, she is not against the Admiralty Way repavement.

Birds returning for next year’s nesting season will “have to adapt and find another tree,” according to Winter.

The Board of Supervisors unanimously approved the $7 million project in a 4-0 vote. Supervisor Don Knabe was absent.

Marcia Hanscom October 31, 2012 at 06:03 PM
Actually, what was discovered during the course of the County Board of Supervisors meeting was that - when county staff officials FINALLY revealed an exact map of which trees would be cut, it became evident that the Egret nesting trees are *not* part of THIS project, but a subsequent one. County officials promised they would meet with us and make sure we are all in agreement with a course of action that would protect the birds for the "future" project where the Egrets roosting and nesting trees would be removed. We also did - as part of this process - receive assurances that Ballona Institute would be working in collaboration with the county officials to insure that - if native trees are the ones desired, they will indeed know which trees on their list are native. The trees the county engineers had on their proposed list were not native, even though they were touted to be in an article in The Argonaut. As a result of the FAST and COMMITTED, PERSISTENT action of the public - citizens who flooded the county supervisors offices with calls, email messages and faxes on Monday and Tuesday, new facts were revealed and an agreement by the county officials to work with the concerned public interest groups was committed to. All for the greater public good - especially that of the beautiful white-feathered birds - the Egrets which are a significant part of the Ballona Valley's ecosystem.


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