POLL: Should Muslim Video Be Blocked?

A video created by a man from Cerritos has sparked violence in the Middle East.

A man who claims to have made the movie suspected of sparking the outrage and demonstrations that turned violent in Cairo and Libya and led to the slayings of the U.S. Ambassador to Libya Christopher Stevens and three others apparently has ties to the city of Cerritos.

For up-to-date coverage, check Cerritos-Artesia Patch.

In a phone interview with The Wall Street Journal late Tuesday, a California real-estate developer who identified himself as 52-year-old Israeli-American Sam Bacile said he made the film -- "Muhammad Movie Trailer" (also referred to as the "Innocence of Muslims") -- and was backed by Jewish donors. 

The low budget 14-minute trailer, which was posted on YouTube in early July under an account listed as "Sam Bacile", includes vulgar and offensive scenes that insult and mock the life of the Prophet Muhammad. Portions of the actors lines also seem to have been poorly edited and dubbed over with voiceovers in post-production -- something that has left one of the actors threatening to sue the filmmaker

fred gregory September 14, 2012 at 10:47 PM
just read the koran again (? most american's have never read it, let alone the history os this sick concept) and you'll easily see that muslims require others to become muslim or they will kill them . very straightforward in their own book
Richard Anthony September 15, 2012 at 12:09 AM
Fred.. You are a Bigot or Ignorant. Christianity fostered the Inquisitions, the Crusades, the Salem Witch trials, Killing of Heathens/Indians, Condoned Slavery, Engaged in Priest Pedophilia, and such a Long List of Disgraceful Conduct, Including "Kill Disobedient Children"Ex:21:15. The Mitzvots prescribe that the Jews slaughter men, women and children of SIX Cannanite Nations and claim land as their own. Besides, It is ALL Gods Will,and he Laughs when mere Mortals make Plans ??????


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