An Apple A Day Diet

Theresa Burden
Theresa Burden



It was that moment, when I leaned over the bed, took in a deep breath, and buttoned my jeans that I realized I had put on more weight.  The person illustrated in the mirror still appeared the same, yet my clothes would not fit.  In fact, I found myself shopping more for larger sizes to feel comfortable.  It perplexed me that I gained weight rapidly yet the duration of diet and exercise was prolonged before I saw results.  With all the fad diets, I decided upon one that I would remain dedicated to.

It was the apple diet.  The decision was clear.  I enjoyed the fruit and could tolerate drinking a glass of water with each apple consumption.  My apple would be eaten mid-morning accompanied with a large glass of water.  Breakfast was light and healthy consisting of oatmeal and coffee.  Lunch, overtime became a smaller portion in part due to the feeling of fullness after my mid-morning apple.   On more active days, I would reach for that afternoon apple and drink of water if I found myself hunger-struck.  The mid-afternoon apple snack and water would again result in the consumption of a smaller dinner portion.  How wonderful.

Apples pack in about 4 grams of soluble fiber and water at 95 calories a serving.  Soluble fiber slows the digestion of food and release of glucose into the bloodstream.  They are a source of immune boosting Vitamin C.  Apples satisfy hunger, which promotes weight loss.  The key is to eat a balanced healthy diet and not limit to just one food group.

Without the feeling of sacrifice, I realized my apple-a-day diet was resulting in weight loss.  Hunger pangs eventually disappeared and were substituted by satiety.  Those jeans, previously requiring me to perform contortions in order to zip up had become loose.  Eventually a belt was needed.  And subsequently, required a trip to the store to shop for smaller sizes.  I felt happy and healthy patiently waiting for the results which took more time than it had for me to gain the weight.  The end result was a smaller frame through a healthy eating habit.  What could be better than that?

As a reminder, check in with your doctor before attempting any weight loss plan.


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