Daniels Bike Rentals and Sales in Fishermans Village

I have been servicing the Marina Del Rey area for 12 years. We give out free air for bike tires, help bicyclist with minor repairs, etc.

Is it to much to ask that county of Los Angeles please let the current lease holders fulfill their dreams, and let them re-build Fisherman's Village.

By putting a launch ramp at Fisherman's Village, and then building the entertainment center over where the current launch ramp is, this would take at least 5 years or longer to complete.

All the entertainment(and businesses) in Fisherman's Village would be closed for that period of time. If they would just re-build the current Fisherman's Village, they could complete it in two years.

Also, Is it smart to launch boats right into the traffic lanes of the Marina Del Rey harbor, while boats are trying to re-enter the harbor from the sea. 


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