Stop the Biggest Lieuser from raising your taxes again!

Ted Lieuser voted to triple the car tax, UNACCEPTABLE!!!!!!!!!
Ted Lieuser voted to triple the car tax, UNACCEPTABLE!!!!!!!!!
Yes we could talk about how the LA Times endorsement is really just a coverup to get you to believe the Times is fair and balanced but they continue to push Ted up the ladder.  You must have noticed Lieu's resume on Millers endorsement page, not an accident.  You will rarely see Ted out of an article on this race but you will see key candidates not in the media.  Don't worry this happens all the time, just watch fox and cnn and what they did to keep Ron Paul out of the media. 
     But forget all that.  It's time to send a message to Washington, that we are done with  Bush AND Obama.   Send an experienced candidate from the fastest growing third-party. Send one of only 3 electeds in the race. Herd organized the #1 Neighborhood Council in Los Angeles, was elected and re-elected to it. HERD has dealt with developers, business owners, homeowners, renters, and everyone else as a Councilman in Westwood. He fought against billboard blight, agaisnt commercialization of parks and for historical preservation. He even helped pass stop fracking and gmo labeling measures through the Westwood Council. Gruel and Lieu did nothing to represent their constituents opposition to fracking and support for  gmo labeling. Lieu helped pass legislation allowing virtually UNLIMITED fracking in CA and Lieu voted to triple your car tax, oh yes! Wendy, Marianne, and many other candidates say they want money out of politics while they send millions of dollars worth of post cards to your home with pictures of hypocritical candidates holding babies in another attempt to buy an election. Herd has helped ALL the schools in his district gain funding for underfunded programs. He helped fund programs at the Westwood Library, Emerson Middle School, Fairburn Elementary and Warner Elementary School. Send someone who, like Ron Paul, believes in the constitution. Someone who wont vote to send Afghanistan 85.5 billion of your tax dollars like the dems AND reps did last year. Someone who will join Rand Paul's fight to stop nsa domestic spying, unlike dems AND reps who CONTINUE to support it!!!
Vote for Libertarian candidate
Mark Matthew Herd
on June 3rd
for Congress 33rd!!!


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