Ted Lieuvoted2TRIPLE urCARTAX

Ted Lieu laughs as he votes to TRIPLE the car tax!
Ted Lieu laughs as he votes to TRIPLE the car tax!

It's time to Lower our taxes, stop NSA Domestic Spying and Bring Our Troops Home!!!

Ted Leiu voted to triple your car tax and for unlimited fracking in cities. Wendy Greuel is on the special interest money take and did nothing about fracking, taxes, nsa spying or gmos. Matt Miller worked for DICK CHENEYS Council on Foreign Relations and is an arrogant individual who cares only of himself. It's time to get the Ron Paul revolution in gear!
Vote for Ron Paul Libertarian Mark M. Herd on June 3rd!
Thank you and God Bless from the Ron Paul Libertarians of SoCal.


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