We need Federal Anti-SLAPP laws now.

I spoke out against the local Catholic Church, Divine Saviour Catholic Church, 90065 and their noisy amplified sound system.
I did an interview with ABC7 What's bugging you noise?   After the interview Father Marco Ortiz took me to court in retaliation. 
It was a SLAPP.   He lost.  He had no case.   But I had to defend myself with no attorney against a billion dollar catholic church.  It was not a fair fight.   A SLAPP is not an easy thing to battle.  

Please call your congress member to ask for Federal Anti-SLAPP laws.    When the catholic church comes after you to shut you up like they did to me you will see how much you really need an Anti-SLAPP law.    Or, any other powerful organization.   The little guy needs protection.   We have the constitution on our side.  First amendment rights.   No SLAPP.   

nonoise May 22, 2014 at 11:11 AM


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