DUI Checkpoint Planned for Friday

Police will conduct safety check in Marina del Rey in an effort to reduce traffic fatalities.

The Los Angeles Police Department will conduct a sobriety checkpoint Friday on Maxella Avenue and Lincoln Boulevard in Marina del Rey.

Officers will stop drivers to look for signs of alcohol or drug impairment and will also certify that motorists have a valid driver's license.

The DUI checkpoint will be conducted from 7 p.m. Friday to 2 a.m. Saturday in an effort to reduce drinking and driving tragedies and encourage sober, designated drivers.

Gonzo July 05, 2012 at 07:33 PM
2 days and my very innocuous comment is still pending approval ... Lmfao
Gonzo July 05, 2012 at 07:39 PM
Can somebody tell me why we are pre-warned about these check points?? In effect they're saying 'if you're drunk and you're driving, take another route home'. It defeats the whole purpose. These locations should NOT be broadcast. Look to Australia, there you'll find a solution - its called an RBT.
Crazy Horse July 05, 2012 at 08:41 PM
I 100% agree! They should be deterring drink drivers rather than providing a 'drive home drunk without getting busted ' guide. The best deterrent for these kind of people is fear. Random Breath Testing is that fear. There's a good article discussing this: http://findarticles.com/p/articles/mi_m0847/is_n1_v14/ai_9356459/ And while we're implementing RBT's let's drop the BAC legal limit from .08 to .05


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