Police Blotter: $136,200 Jewelry Robbery, Laptops Stolen and Bike Gone

A jewelry salesman loses about $136,200 worth of goods in a strong armed robbery.

The crime theme in and near Marina del Rey in recent weeks continues to be theft, as these accounts demonstrate. All the crimes occurred within the patrol area of the .


A jewelry saleman reported being robbed April 16 of about $136,200 worth of goods by a man who posed as a personal assistant to Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver and punt returner DeSean Jackson, according to a sheriff deputy's report.

The victim told deputies that he was a sales representative for jewelry maker Avianne & Co., which specializes in one-of-a-kind jewelry and watches. He said a man who identified himself as "Michael" said he was calling on behalf of Jackson, who was interested in purchasing some jewelry.

The salesman agreed to meet the man in a residential unit parking garage to showcase the jewelry and went about 7:30 p.m. to the garage with a lead sales representative from the jewelry company and an armed security escort.

The suspect noticed the security guard's weapon and told the salesman that no guns were allowed in the home. The sales lead agreed and asked the salesman to go up and meet with DeSean Jackson in person.

The salesman told deputies that when he stepped out of the elevator of the complex on the third floor that the suspect violently pushed him face first into a wall and thrust an unknown object into his left kidney and said, "Give me your s---."

The salesman feared for his life and handed over jewelry that included a gold and white watch encrusted with a diamond band worth $40,000 and a 32-inch, 66-karat diamond chain necklace worth $96,200.

The suspect ran into the apartment complex and out of view. The salesman was not injured.

No arrest was made.


A woman reported that her Phat green cruising bicycle worth $200 was stolen from the enclosed bike storage area in her complex's garage.

The green bike, which had a men's frame, was taken between April 2 and April 13 when someone cut the cable lock inside the 50-feet by 50-feet bike storage area. The woman told deputies that she saw a bearded man who appeared to be homeless riding a green bike similar to her stolen one.

No arrest was made.


A man reported that sometime between April 13 and April 15 that someone stole a pair of Toshiba laptops worth $1,000 from his home, according to a deputy's report.

The man said miscellaneous papers, including legal documents and family photographs, also were taken.

The front door was unlocked and the house wasn't ransacked, the report said. The man told deputies that he asked someone who lived at the home to leave a year ago and the person may still have keys to the home.

No arrest was made.

Jody April 28, 2011 at 05:35 PM
"The suspect noticed the security guard's weapon and told the salesman that no guns were allowed in the home." Proper response from the salesmen would have been: "No personal meetings in private locations are permitted without my armed security present. It's not personal." We live in rough times. Been hyper-aware. L.A. has gone to to dogs.
john printy May 04, 2011 at 01:00 AM
I hope that the police catch these people that done these horrible crimes againist these people that done nothing wrong, but tried to keep them selfs safe, I think that there needs to be more police potrols in the marina del rey area, because marina del rey being a wealthy type of area, I really do think there should be more potrols of the area, and even that these people who live in the area, and the surrounding area should keep there eyes open, and stay alert to anything suspious going on in there area that dose not seem right, and that way these residents wont get robbed of there pocessions, and be safe, and yes I do think marina del rey is a safe area the way I see it, but I think the probblem lies, with the homeless is my opion ......


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