Del Rey Neighborhood Council Candidate: Sylvia Moskovitz

Patch asked Del Rey candidates a few questions to help voters decide in the Oct. 28 election.

Editor’s note: This is one of several articles in a series of profiles on Del Rey Neighborhood Council candidates that Patch will be running leading up to the election.


What would you prioritize if you were voted in?  

My focus is on making the Del Rey Community an ideal neighborhood to call home. For me that includes community development - encouraging businesses to locate to the area and join existing businesses to succeed and promote their use by the surrounding community. It includes supporting local schools, encouraging positive youth activities, beautifying the neighborhood, focusing on crime prevention, supporting our local government service personnel (Police, Fire, etc.) and developing a community-wide sense of Del Rey pride.  


Who are your primary supporters?  

Frankly, I have not sought out specific support. I recently moved to the area and receive the DRNC newsletter. When I saw the information about open positions I thought that this was something I'd like to do to become more involved in supporting the neighborhood where I choose to live and utilize a long career in community organization in my own backyard. 


What issue do you feel most strongly about and what’s your position?  

Economic development is a key issue for me, especially as it promotes neighborhood betterment. I try and frequent neighborhood businesses as much as possible and love the motto at The Wood Cafe - "eat and drink locally."  I believe that should carry over across the board. It's difficult to feel like you are part of a tight community with Los Angeles being as sprawling as it is. Participation with the Neighborhood Council allows for that focus on the local community in a real and tangible way.  


What's one thing most constituents don't know about you?  

There are many things constitutents don't know about me as I am a relative newcomer to both the area and the neighborhood council. What they should know about me is that I have both education in and a 25-year career in organizing communities. I have worked with nonprofit organizations, social service agencies and volunteer boards most of my life and am committed to whatever role I take on. 


Why did you decide to run? 

I have been very interested in the Neighborhood Council concept for a long time and moving to a new area gave me an opportunity to feel like I now have a community that I want to participate in and help improve. When I saw the notice asking for community members to consider the open positions, it was all the encouragement I needed to sign up!


Sylvia Moskovitz is running for Communications Officer, a two-year term. To read more candidate profiles, click here.

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