Grassroots Groundswell Boosts Bonin Campaign

More than 200 Neighborhood Council leaders, community members and residents throughout the 11th council district say they are backing Mike Bonin for L.A. City Council.

In the 48 hours since Mike Bonin launched his campaign to succeed Bill Rosendahl as the new 11th district representative on the Los Angeles City Council, he has received over 200 endorsements from local community members.

Rosendahl, who will not seek reelection in order to focus on fighting his battle with cancer, personally endorsed Bonin – he is current chief of staff – as his replacement.

Bonin, who has already received support from two Congresswomen -  Janice Hahn and Karen Bass - has also garnered support from among the following local community members:

Mike Newhouse, Westside Regional Alliance of Councils Chair

"Our community deserves another Councilmember who knows how to get results. That's why I strongly believe Mike is the right person to represent us on the City Council,” said Newhouse, who is also former president of the Venice Neighborhood Council.  “Having worked with him for six years, I know he's got experience and know-how when it comes to the issues we care about most. As the district's Chief Deputy, Mike has always worked tirelessly to help our neighborhoods fight for our fair share of city services, and I know he will continue to do so as our Councilman."

Nancy Freedman, Brentwood Community Council Chair 

"I am proud to endorse Mike Bonin to be our next City Councilmember,” she said.  “Mike brings a balanced, inclusive approach that builds consensus. He has been a presence for many years and has prior experience that allows him to start on day one with an understanding of what our community needs. I respect his abilities and I have confidence that he will promote neighborhood engagement.”

Sharon Commins, Mar Vista Community Council Chair

“Mike's experience and knowledge has clearly enabled him to rise to the challenges presented in CD 11,” Commins said. He has been a strong and effective chief deputy. His dedication to our Mar Vista community is exemplary, and I am pleased to support him for City Council. I know he will continue to listen, to engage our concerns, and promote solutions that work for us."

Other local community members who have endorsed Bonin include:

  • Jay Handal, president of the West LA Neighborhood Council
  • Terri Tippit, head of the Westside Neighborhood Council
  • Nora McLennan and Geoff Maleman of the Neighborhood Council of Westchester-Playa
  • Haldis Toppel and Norman Kulla, former leaders of the Pacific Palisades Community Council
  • Suzanne Thompson, former president of the Venice Neighborhood Council
  • Marlene Savage, a former member of the board of the Del Rey Neighborhood Council and a prominent player in the L.A. Congress of Neighborhoods.

“Having so much early grassroots support swells my heart,” Bonin said in an official statement, following the endorsements. “I am a community organizer by training and by inclination.  I understand first-hand how difficult it is to build community, and the neighborhood leaders who do it each and every day are heroic. They literally weave and knit the fabric of our neighborhoods.”

Bonin said that if elected, he would continue Rosendahl’s practice of strong partnerships with neighborhood leaders.

Community Members Endorsing Mike Bonin for L.A. City Council:


Dan Abrams  

Reza Akef  

Sherri Akers  

Everett Alexander  

Cory Allen  

Kate Anderson  

Sean Arian  

Ben Arnon  

Brandon Azbill  

Tina Badakshan  

Joe Barden  

Daryl Barnett  

Alan Bernstein  

Melanie Berry  

Suzanne Biegel  

Brian Bookman  

Stephen Boskin  

Sara Brooks  

Ben Brown  

John Laurence Buckley  

Bill Butterfield  

David Card  

LJ Carusone  

Alan Cassman  

Mary Ellen Cassman  

Marcus Castain  

Keith Ceeley  

Jeff Christensen  

Travis Clarke  

Sharon Commins  

Danna Cope  

Steve Cron  

John Crosse  

Jennifer Dakoske-Koslu  

Stacy Dalgleish  

Brian Daly  

Linda Daly  

Bobby Danelski  

Kirsten Danelski  

Daniel De Souza  

Greg Dina  

Donald Duckworth  

JR Dzubak  

Doug Eisenstark  

Duncan Elkinson  

Randy Ellevold  

Andrea Epstein  

Marta Evry  

David Ewing  

Susan Fitch-Duffy  

Todd Flora  

David Formeister  

Max Franco  

Nancy Franco  

Nancy Freedman  

Kathryn Frengs  

John Frierson  

William Fulco  

Jay Goldberg  

Sandy Goldfarb  

Greg Good  

Alice Graham  

Melissa Grant  

Ruth Greene  

Linda Guagliano  

Monick Halm 

Jay Handal

Clabe Hartley  

Thea Hartley  

Susan Haskell  

Melvyn Hayward  

David Herbst  

Terra Hughes  

Michael Jimenez  

Hillary Johnson  

Vincent Jones  

Monique Kagan  

Sydney Kamlager  

Larry Kaplan  

Nate Kaplan  

Matt Kasdan  

Anais Kelly  

Michael Kelly  

Jim Kennedy  

Max Kennedy  

Vicki Strauss Kennedy  

James Kilcup  

Matt Kline  

Phillip Knight  

Jacqueline Koci  

Bill Koontz  

Norman Kulla  

Jeanne Kuntz  

Heidi Lemmon  

David Levitus  

Ron Lowe  

Lynne Lyman  

Alan Mabry  

Doug MacLellan  

Nora MacLellan  

Terry Marcellus  

Jill Marcellus  

Amanda Marie  

Keith Martin  

Amber Martinez  

Jay Matthew  

Josh Mauna  

Mike McIntosh  

Eloy Mendez  

Mindy Meyer  

Sheila Mickelsen  

Allen Miller  

Tim Miller  

Jonathan Millikan  

Susan Millman  

Richard Modiano  

Madeleine Moore  

David Moring  

Sandy Moring  

Diane Moss  

Stan Muhammad  

Peter Najera  

Mike Newhouse  

Len Nguyen  

William Nuttle  

Patrick O-Heiffernan  

Kelly Olsen  

Debra Padilla  

Kathy Paspalis  

Matthew Pauley  

Eric Paulson  

Booker Pearson  

Anthony Perez  

Ana Petrova  

Tom Ponton  

John Posatko  

Joe Provisor  

Celestina Quebec  

Perry Radford  

Vignesh Ram  

Chuck Ray  

Dorothy Reik  

Bill Resnick  

David Roberti  

Cara Robin  

Diana Rodgers  

Gail Rodgers  

Scott Rosemond  

Julia Rosen  

Dara Rosencrans  

Mike Ryan  

Tom Safran  

Marlene Salazar  

Laurie Sale  

Marc Saltzberg   

Betty Sassano  

Denny Schneider  

Nan Schneider  

David Scholnick  

Paul Schrade  

Perry Seiwert  

Charlie Sena  

Maggie Shackelford  

Dan Sharkey  

Joe Shaw  

David Shuga  

Daniele Smith  

Janine Smith  

Patti Soboroff  

Steve Soboroff  

Mark Sokol  

Jeff Solomon  

Cedric Sutherland  

Michael Swords  

Carol Tantau  

Mindy Taylor-Ross  

Suzanne Thompson  

Haldis Toppel  

Kurt Toppel  

Josh Touber  

Viet Tran  

Jataune Valentine  

Val Velasco  

Raymundo Vizcarra  

Valerie Voboril  

Steve Voboril  

Theo von Hoffman  

Todd von Hoffman  

Cheryl Walker  

Cheryl Walker  

Phil Wallace  

Lois Webb  

Stephen Weir  

Christine Weiss  

Jeff Weiss  

Joe Wheatley  

Elizabeth Williams  

Ramsar Williams  

Kelly Willis  

Leslie Wise  

Karen Wolfe  

Aline Wurman  

Mark Zangrando  

Bob Zaugh  

Jonathan Zeichner  






Venice Dad October 11, 2012 at 10:36 PM
Groundswell? really? Isn't this just Bonin calling in his political chits from the last 7 years? Of course Mike Bonin knows people in the local political cadres and some are willing to put their name on a list of support. But what about average voters? Ryavec is more in touch with what real district residents want their city to do. Bonin has been working in the downtown political bubble since the bad old Galanter days.
catman October 11, 2012 at 10:45 PM
Mark Ryavec couldn't even get himself elected to the VNC. His chances of winning a district wide election where not everybody is obsessed with the homeless as he is are pretty much slim and none.
burned@thestake October 11, 2012 at 10:52 PM
I agree with your assessment of Bonin's "grassroots" support - he sure does seem to have a great PR machine, in the Democratic Party apparatus, here in LA. But do you really think that we need the ego-centric not to mention ego/megalo-maniacal Mark Ryavec anywhere near the levers of power? What would the Grand Duchy of Slovenia do without their Rear Admiral? I don't see Linda Lucks - who beat Ryavec soundly in the last NC President's election - listed up there. Venice - and all of CD 11 needs a REAL change in leadership, and a fresh and HUMANE perspective on the issues affecting the community. Good thing that we have more than two choices... http://www.bostick4la.com/
burned@thestake October 11, 2012 at 10:55 PM
So we're stuck with the 'lesser-of-two-evils' - choice of poisons, then?
Robert Humberfloob October 12, 2012 at 09:09 AM
Bonin is going to need more than a list of names on paper to get elected. 7 years of Rosendahl flunky doesn't qualify you for the job. Considering Rosendahl's record on the city counsel.


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