Westchester/Playa Neighborhood Council Candidate: Gregg Aniolek

Patch asked Westchester/Playa candidates a few questions to help voters decide in the Oct. 28 election.

Editor’s note: This is one of several articles in a series of profiles on Westchester/Playa Del Rey Neighborhood Council candidates that Patch will be running leading up to the election.


What would you prioritize if you were voted in?

Help provide a vision for Playa Del Rey. We need to think long term when it comes to our community. What do we want it to look like in the future? What is our shared vision for Westchester and Playa Del Rey? Even if proposed changes we want are not affordable at the time we still need to plan for it when there are funds available. Thinking short term and putting little patches on whatever problems happen to pop up is not a good way to make a beautiful successful community. 


Who are your primary supporters? 

Just friends in Playa Del Rey that are not associated with any particular political party or business affiliation.


What issue do you feel most strongly about and what’s your position? 

Modernizing LAX is necessary, however expansion is not! Studies have shown that moving the north runway further into Playa Del Rey and Westchester does not provide any significant increase in safety. LAX needs to be modernized now! In addition, connecting the Green Line and offsite rental car facility to LAX with an automated people mover is needed ASAP. Moving the north runway would add years onto the construction schedule and would be a significant burden on the local residents.


What's one thing most constituents don't know about you? 

I’m a New England Patriots fan!


Why did you decide to run?

I want to give back to the community and my engineering knowledge and problem solving ability will be a great asset. I’m not about criticizing, condemning and complaining. I’m all about analyzing, understanding and then coming up with a plan to make things better. This is what every community needs. I have also completed the 7-week Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) course through the LA Fire Department. During a disaster (earthquake, tsunami, large scale fires, etc.) the number and scope of incidents can overwhelm conventional emergency services so people in the community need to step up and help each other out in the meantime. Our mother earth has energy and forces that humans cannot manage or let alone control so we will have to deal with it and recover as fast as possible. I would like to share my knowledge to make us all as safe as can be.


Gregg Aniolek is running for District Seat 2, a four-year term. To read more candidate profiles, click here.

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