Westchester/Playa Neighborhood Council Candidate: Denny Schneider

Patch asked Westchester/Playa candidates a few questions to help voters decide in the Oct. 28 election.

Editor’s note: This is one of several articles in a series of profiles on Westchester/Playa Del Rey Neighborhood Council candidates that Patch will be running leading up to the election.


What would you prioritize if you were voted in? 

Quality of life has been, and continues to be my priority.  Westchester-PDR is a small town community inside a giant magalopolus and I am working to keep it that way.  I believe that some development is necessary to upgrade our infrastructure and to accommodate the growth of our community, but wholesale approval of all projects is just not acceptable if it changes the character of our communities.  I have been involved in five major areas:  LAX issues, development with an emphasis of traffic mitigation and mass transit, community education--both public and private, improving the business climate, and protecting environmental resources.


Who are your primary supporters? 

I enjoy support from both sides of the aisle even though I am a proud Republican and fiscal conservative .  My support base comes from the local residents and businesses who are tired of being trampled by local government regulation. 


What issue do you feel most strongly about and what’s your position?  

As President of the Alliance for A Regional Solution to Airport Congestion (ARSAC) and Chair of the LAX-Community Noise Roundtable this clearly is an important issue.  I stand for making LAX the world class facility we deserve while protecting the surrounding communities from its impacts.  I also continue to fight for a network of airports around the region because we must have a backup plan since 75% of all regional air commerce is at LAX if anything goes wrong.  Related to this effort is the support for mass transit.

I also support, strongly, the call for improvement of our educational system.  I spent 20 years as a volunteer at LAUSD and in private schools.  We are only as strong as the weakest link in our society and all must be treated with dignity, respect, and given opportunities.


What's one thing most constituents don't know about you? 

They wonder how I get so many tasks done.  The answer is I network.  My job is not to do everything, but to know who can accomplish the required tasks.


Why did you decide to run?

Not my first time.  I've been active with Neighborhood Councils for 14 years (including the organizational period of our NC).  This includes activities Citywide where I work on planning issues, fiscal issues, infrastructure, transportation, and more.


Denny Schneider is running for District Seat 12, a four-year term. To read more candidate profiles, click here.


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