Marina del Rey-based Surgeons Perform Spine Surgery on Peyton Manning

Surgeons Robert Watkins Sr. and his son, Robert Watkins Jr., performed spine surgery last week on Indianapolis Colts star quarterback Peyton Manning.

A pair of surgeons with the Marina Spine Center in Marina del Rey performed spine surgery last week on Indianapolis Colts star quarterback Peyton Manning.

Manning, 35, underwent cervical spine surgery Thursday morning at the Marina del Rey Hospital under surgeons Robert Watkins Sr. and his son, Robert Watkins Jr.

Manning's surgery was a one level anterior cervical fusion for the diagnosis of a disc herniation, according to a Friday press release from the surgeons.

"The surgery went very well, without complication," the surgeons said. "His postoperative rehabilitation program will begin soon and the prognosis for recovery is good."

Manning previously had neck surgery in May for a slipped disk in his neck and in March 2010 for a herniated disk.

Manning missed the Colts' season-opening game Sunday, ending his streak of 227 consecutive games started for the Colts, including playoffs. The Houston Texans beat the Colts 34-7 in the Colts' first game without Manning as starting quarterback since 1997.

Before the game, Manning released a statement expressing his disappointment over not being able to play.

"The best part about football is being out there on the field with my teammates.  It will be tough not to be out there playing for the organization and our fans," Manning said. "I simply am not healthy enough to play, and I am doing everything I can to get my health back.  The team will do fine without me, and I know for sure that I will miss them much more than they will miss me.”

Colts vice chairman Bill Polian said in an online posting Tuesday that there were no new updates on Manning's condition.

"I heard from him yesterday and he was doing fine. He’s recuperating from the surgery and will be for a little while. His surgeon will outline a regime of rehabilitation, so he will be back in the weight room conditioning and doing what he can after some period of time, which is required for a healing process to take place.  That’s all there is to report right now," Polian said in his weekly The Polian Corner report.

The Watkins duo also performed cervical spine surgery Sept. 6 on Los Angeles Dodgers third baseman Casey Blake.

Other athletes who have reportedly undergone spine surgery at the Marina Spine Center include: former Cleveland Browns defense end Robaire Smith, former Denver Broncos defensive end Trevor Pryce and former Tennessee Titans defensive end Dave Ball.

Thomas hum December 22, 2012 at 10:17 PM
Wow Peyton Manning's having a heck of a year. Dr. s Watkins must be excellent


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