Best Practices for Shark Fishing Responsibly

You may fear them, but sharks play an important role in keeping our oceans healthy.

The fear and fascination with sharks will probably always exists and the truth is, these iconic predators play an essential role in maintaining the health of our oceans. 

To ensure that these creatures are around to help maintain balance in the marine ecosystem, Tom Raftican from the Sportfishing Conservancy in Long Beach believes anglers must do their part to help the predators of the deep.

“We need to employ our best fishing practices to help ensure a healthy shark population,” said Raftican.

Here are some things that shark fishermen can do:

  1. Take only what you intend to eat.
  2. Avoid catching large, pregnant females.
  3. Minimize fight time by using heavy tackle and a fighting harness.
  4. Use circle hooks to increase the likelihood of a mouth hooking your catch
  5. Maneuver your boat to follow a hooked shark and gain line whenever possible.

Raftican recommends visiting the Pier Institute website for more information and ideas about how anglers can fish more responsibly for sharks.

Check back tomorrow for continued Patch coverage of Shark Week 2012.


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