Kids & Teens On Stage Theater Programs for youth and Teens
Kids & Teens On  Stage: Act! Sing! Dance! Joy! Ages 1-16
EXPLORE THE WORLD OF THEATER A premiere, award-winning theater arts program for children, young adults and teens founded in 1987.  KOS is  a community of professional and experienced artists and educators dedicated to bring out the best in each player.  Administrators and instructors develop and coordinate creative,  valuable, age appropriate and supportive programs. Kids On Stage prides itself in creating a safe and enriching  environment where children, young adults and teens can  find their voice, build self confidence, improv their skills. Players develop their own creative ideas, problem solve, brainstorm, build self-confidence, and collaborate on all projects all while creating life-long friends.   Players learn valuable artistic skills using our creative and empowering methods.  Offering programs in Musical Theater (performance and non-performance classes), Teen Master Troupe, Tap Jazz Dance, Tots On Stage(Parent & Me) in Santa Monica, Culver City and a new Tots class in West Hollywood!    Including: CLASSES • CAMPS • PARTIES (birthdays, corporate, events) • SCHOOL ENRICHMENT PROGRAMS  •CUSTOM PROGRAMS 310-314-0035  www.kidsonstage.com
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